Group Study Opportunities

Group Study Opportunities

Due to the COVID-19 situation, our in-person group meetings have been suspended until we are given the “all-clear” to resume. We pray you will take as you stay home and stay safe to study God’s word on your own. Paul’s letter to the Philippians is a great place to find comfort and guidance during these times. Remember, it’s a letter. Read it in one sitting. You’ll be amazed at the Good News in God’s Word!

Sunday Morning Groups:

We gather corporately each Sunday morning at 9:45 AM and then offer “breakout” group studies for adults and kids.

Here are our Sunday Morning Group offerings for Adults:

  • Teachers: Sandra Perry and Vickie Eldridge – Sandra and Vickie lead women in a study exploring the Bible each Sunday morning.
  • Teacher: Ernie Moulton – Ernie leads a study for men.
  • Teacher: Earl Wayne Perry – Associate Pastor Perry leads Men and Women in group discussion as he teaches through the books of the Bible.
  • Teacher: Kevin Eldridge  – Kevin leads Men and Women in group discussion through Bible books and topical studies.
  • Teacher: Bruce Karcher – Bruce leads Men and Women in a very basic “starter” class. All questions about faith and the Bible are welcome in this class.

Wednesday Evenings:

Each group study is designed so that you can join in at any point during the study’s duration. Don’t be shy about jumping in, we’ll be happy to have you as part of our group. Our current adult study is in the book of James and begins at 6:30 PM each Wednesday.

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